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Aukwatowa Tours

Aukwatowa Tours is a family business, based in Port Nolloth and proudly run by Conrad Mouton.


While tours normally start and end in Port Nolloth, arrangements can be made to be picked up at the airport in Upington or Cape Town.  


Two to eight guests are accommodated per tour.


Whenever possible they will customize the tour to specifically cater for guest's interests, whether landscape photography, local culture or just the unspoilt beauty of the Richtersveld. 


Aukwatowa Tours will supply everything needed on the tour, including vehicles, equipment, putting up camp (if camping), preparing meals, ect, as well as accommodation in Port Nolloth before and after the tour.


Their vehicles are well maintained with all the necessary permits and insurances required by the relevant authorities.


"At Aukwatowa Tours we pride ourselves in offering personal attention to all our guests. No stone will be left unturned in our effort to guarantee your satisfaction. We strive to offer an experience, not just another tour."

- Conrad Mouton

Let's travel!

what Our customers say...


Corrie Munnik

My family and I just had the most amazing time with Richtersveld Tours! The Richtersveld is truely something everyone should experience at least once. Whether you want to know more about the history of the Richtersveld and its people or whether you want to take a closer look at the fauna and flora, there is something for everyone!.



Marietjie Roets

We had an excellent stay during our holiday December 2017.  An unforgettable experience. Very friendly owners and we felt right at home. I would recommend this to all.



Elizabeth Forsdick

Brilliant! The Richtersveld is the most remote and visually stunning part of Africa. This is a trip we have wanted to do for years and it was far better than we ever imagined. Highly recommend!



Penny Slack

Dear Conrad,thank you so much for a wonderful tour. As I said we were all a bit  apprehensive having been dropped by Johan, but we really did hit the jackpot with you and Werner. Your idea of staying in hakkesdoring camp was brilliant for us old toppies. We all had a brilliant time and thank you and Werner for everything you did to make it such a special time.



Bitty Muller

We had a wonderful enlightening, entertaining & inspiring 5 days. Highly recommended for a truly African experience.